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Knee Wrap

Knee Wrap

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Pain relief at its best : This knee brace is crafted with high-quality materials and gel liners in an encapsulated wrap design that provides maximum comfort when you need it most. It is effective for patella, arthritis, pain relief, rehabilitation, post-surgery recovery, and swelling.

Control as you need : The pump and inflation system on these knee wraps ensures sufficient contact between the ice gel pack and the affected knee. The hand pump will help control the compression level you require, making it more effective.

Move around as you wish: With the attached straps, you can apply the compression knee brace to the affected knee while still being free to move around. Sitting on the couch, holding an ice pack yourself, is a thing of the past now!

Safe to use: Painkillers can be dangerous and addictive. The cold compression therapy of these knee braces combines the power of cooling gel liners with compression to relieve pain and inflammation.

Suitable for both knees: You can use our knee support on either knee as needed; it's been designed with adjustable top and bottom fastener straps for a customized fit. Easily place the gel pack inside the adjustable knee brace and wrap it over your knee!


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